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CSNJC Speakers Day

2017-07 CSNJC Speakers Day


  • George Hatfield will talk about the latest lines in Cymbidium breeding. There are spots, stripes, splashes, pelorics (both petal and sepal) big ones, little ones, as well as spikes that go up or hang down.
  • James Rose of Cal-Orchid. While many of us know him for his Epidendrums, Grammatophylums, Lycastes, Cattleyas, Odonts and Cymbidiums he also is very knowledgeable about the orchids of Madagascar. Come hear how he grows them.
  • Roy Tokunaga will talk about Latouria Dendrobiums. He has been working with this section for over 30 years and has cracked the code on successful ways to create new hybrids. He has written extensively for both the AOS and ODC, and now is your chance to meet and talk with him.

Speakers will also have orchids for sale.
Auction with proceeds going to support the AOS
Come see AOS judging on the big screen in the main hall