Ludisia Culture

Ludisia Culture

Ludisia (Pronunciation: loo-DIS-ee-ah), known more for its beautiful, deep red velvet-like leaves with attractive venation than for its small whitish to pinkish flowers, Ludisiais a monotypic genus, allied to the other “jewel orchids”, Anoectochilusand Macodes. Ludisia is found in many collections because of its beautiful leaves, although a specimen-sized plant with many several-flowered inflorescences can be a memorable sight. Ludisia is generally easy to grow given the right culture, and thrives on standard houseplant care, much like African violets. The only species to date in this genus isL. discolor.

Number of species: Monotypic. The World Monocot Checklist recognizes one name (7/2009).

Distribution: From China, Southeast Asia to northeast India

—————–  C U L T U R E  —————-

Temperature: Intermediate to warm
Light: Medium light with no direct sun; shady.
Water-Humidity: Even moisture throughout the year; high humidity
Fertilizer: As for most orchids. A balanced fertilizer, diluted to 50%, every 2 weeks.
Potting: Shallow pans work best because of a creeping growth habit; any terrestrial-type mix or commercial potting soil; good drainage.
Author: Ron McHatton – 9/2006

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