2019 SCOS Spring Show Awards

2019 Sonoma County Orchid Society Show Awards

Best Entry by SCOS Member
Sponsor: SCOS
Lynne Murrell – Chysis limminghei ‘Bonheur’

Best of Show
Sponsor: SCOS
Lynne Murrell – Chysis limminghei ‘Bonheur’

Best Intermediate
Sponsor: SCOS
Larry Mead – Bulb. Elizabeth Ann ‘Buckleberry’

Best Novice
Sponsor: SCOS
Helen Orgill – C. walkeriana v. alba ‘Tanya’

Best Cattleya Alliance
Sponsor: Kathy & Earl Rathbun
Susan Anderson – C. Circle of Life ‘Spring Joy’

Best Cymbidium Alliance
Sponsor: Ann Conger
Orchids Fiori D’Amore – Cym Lady Sarah ‘Bridal Veil’

Best Dendrobium Alliance
Sponsor: Patty Connick
Orchids Fiori D’Amore – Den. kingianum

Best Oncidium Alliance
Sponsor: Austin Creek Orchids
Lynne Murrell – Macroclinium dalstroemii

Best Phalaenopsis Alliance
Sponsor: Lynne Murrell
Lynne Murrell – Phal. parishii

Best Pleurothallid Alliance
Sponsor: Bill Poe & Sue Hayes
Asuka Orchids – Masd. Sunset Jaguar

Best Slipper Orchid Alliance
Sponsor: Tom Pickford
Judy Carney – Phrag. pearcei

Best Vanda Alliance
Sponsor: Linda & Daryl Eggleston
Becky Jackson – Renanetia Sunrise

Best Other Genera
Sponsor: Alison Bies
Lynne Murrell – Chysis limminghei ‘Bonheur’

Best Miniature Orchid
Sponsor: Helen Orgill
Judy Carney – Coelogyne sparsa

Best Species
Sponsor: Kris & Jim Foster
Lynne Murrell – Chysis limminghei ‘Bonheur’

Best Specimen Plant
Sponsor: Kathie Hile
Judy Carney – Phrag. pearcei

Best Basket of Orchids
Sponsor: Anonymous
No Entry

Best Table Display
Sponsor: Anonymous
Asuka Orchids

SCOS AOS Award for Best Display
Sponsor: SCOS

American Orchid Society Awards

Paph Paradise
Paph. haynaldianum ‘Tavel’ – AM/AOS 81 pts

Lynne Murrell
Chysis limminghei ‘Bonheur’ – AM/AOS 80 pts

Susan Anderson
Den. platygastrium ‘Bailey’s Best – HCC/AOS 78 pts

Cynthia Battershall
Sacrochilus Kulnura Lemon mem. Ellen Margron – HCC/AOS 76 pts

AOS Awards Notations

First Class Certificate (FCC)
Award of Merit (AM)
Highly Commended Certificate (HCC)
Judges’ Commendation (JC)
Award of Distinction (AD)
Award of Quality (AQ)
Certificate of Cultural Excellence (CCE)
Certificate of Cultural Merit (CCM)
Certificate of Horticultural Merit (CHM)
Certificate of Botanical Recognition (CBR)

CSA Awards Notations

Gold (89.51 – 100pts)
Silver (79.51 – 89.5pts)
Bronze (74.51 – 79.5 pts)

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