AOS News – May 2016

Wow! The American Orchid Society (AOS) has a brand new website! I took a look at it today and it’s pretty cool. The website address is and the first thing you’ll notice are the pretty new pastel colors. I like a good look, but I’m mostly a ‘content’ girl. Not content; I mean I’m pretty rowdy most of the time, but rather content – you know, the meat in the sandwich, the stuffing the turkey, the frosting in the oreo. Got it?

Growing orchids is a journey. Some of us have been at it for much of our lifetime, while others of us are still wiping the drool off our chin while staring entranced at our first orchid. Regardless, we all have questions from time-to-time. While the addiction adventure is incredibly rewarding, it wouldn’t be an adventure without challenges.

As a member of the American Orchid Society (AOS), you don’t have to face those challenges alone. Being part of the AOS community means having thousands of peers and mentors around the world to guide and support you on your path to orchid growing bliss.

While there are still many great freebees for non members, membership in AOS is a wonderful thing and gets you some of the exclusive goodies only available to members. Fantastic articles in ORCHIDS magazine, live and on-demand webinars, live question and answer chats… where you can have your specific questions addressed, physical shows, conferences and events…and most important, your AOS membership card which proves you are on the road to that exalted platform where the expert orchid growers live, close to the sun, looking down at the rest of us and beckoning…..beckoning……

Please consider joining the American Orchid Society. With your membership you receive Orchids Magazine. If you don’t know what the magazine looks like, see our Librarian, Helen Orgill, to borrow issues. See me with any questions.

The following is a link to AOS articles for beginning growers:
and a link to public webinars (available to non-AOS members:

–  Karen Wofford (AOS Rep)

Show & Tell – May 2016

Photos by Ann Possinger

Show & Tell_April 2016

Photos by Ann Possinger