AOS News – October 2015


What to do when you have a few minutes of downtime while waiting in the dentist office for your cleaning? It’s a conundrum. Here’s an idea! The American Orchid Society has a video library. It contains many useful, how-to video clips on all aspects of orchids and orchid culture. These videos are self-contained and do not require any player or other software (Mac owners rejoice!).

Send suggestions for exciting new topics to You don’t have to login or be a member to see these videos either. Just go to or go to the AOS website at, and select “All About Orchids” from the menu, then “AOS Video Library” from the dropdown menu.

The videos are short, between 2 and 8 minutes. Titles include: Anthocyanin; Boisduval Scale; Divide or Repot?; Keikis & Air Root; Leaftip Dieback; Potting a Keiki; Recognizing Mite Damage; Recognizing Virus Symptoms, Part 1; Removing a Damaged Leaf; Removing a Keiki; Repotting a Cattleya; Repotting a Healthy Orchid; Repotting an Unhealthy Orchid; Root Loss; Selecting an Orchid; Watering Orchids; When to Repot?; and Where to Cut a Phalaenopsis Spike. Even if you can’t see the video, the audio is pretty helpful.

So, the next time you have a few minutes wait somewhere, throw up one of these videos on your cell phone and get educated! Just don’t do it at the next red light however, you’ll get so engrossed you’ll get honked at.
Don’t forget to check out the AOS awards on the Judging Center website, which have been updated with its region’s awards, as well as the San Joaquin, Modesto and Sacramento shows. Go to

Here are the latest 30 orchid awards including the exhibitor and photographer (where available). Free on the AOS website:

–  Karen Wofford (AOS Rep)