AOS News – September 2015

Are You A Mover & A Shaker?

If you love orchids you are. This fall you have an opportunity to “bring the party with you” when you attend the National semi-annual meeting of the American Orchid Society. It’s in Reno, NV this time, and we need to fire that place up. Remember, what happens in Reno stays in Reno….or was that Vegas? Oh well. The thing is, the next meeting will be in NORTH CAROLINA. How are you going to bring the party with you all the way across the country? All that party equipment will cost a fortune in extra luggage charges, not to mention how hard it will be to bring back all those orchids you buy at the meeting and show.

The Northern Nevada Orchid Society is going to host this fall’s meeting in Reno, November 11 – 15th. The way this works is, the AOS administration gets to attend (boring) policy meetings while the rest of us party animals gawk at orchids, covet them and sometimes bring them home! Also, there are speakers who know what they are talking about and will give lectures (9 currently scheduled) that you can attend for nearly FREE.* These classes, of course, make you aware of orchids you might have missed during your first ‘covet’ walk-through at the show and sale portion of the event so you can go back and buy more.

If you get to the point where you’ve had enough orchids in your life (::snort::) you can always leave the meeting area to see some of the boring local attractions, casinos, nurseries or botanical gardens etc…..yawn.

You have 3 options to choose from, regarding attendance. The first and best one is the full boat for a mere $95 ($100 after 10-10-2015). This includes all lectures, three days of show and sale, the Thursday night Preview Party (a $40 value which INCLUDES Hors D’oeuvres) and…….wait for it….. a welcome gift. That’s only $55 for the show and classes folks. $6 a lecture. No problem. You know you spent more than $6 on the last orchid you killed.

Less exciting options include the one day option for $35. You still get the show, sale and one day’s worth of lectures; but that would cost approximately $7.77 per lecture. You can also attend the show and sale only, for $5 a day.

To register or get more info about this event, go to and click on ‘fall members meeting’. There is a special hotel rate of $99 a night for Orchid Movers and Shakers (OMS) at the event location, the Atlantis Casino & Resort, 3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada 89502. The resort fee has been waived for the OMS group (good until 10-10-2015.)

Now, for the special add-on part of our show. Some of us are taking the train, the lovely California Zephyr, from Martinez to Reno. How fun is that? If you’d like to join us, get your tickets for the train departing Martinez at 9:45 AM on Thursday, November 12, 2015. The trip will be 6 hours of lovely scenery and no driving stress. Our return is scheduled for Monday, November 16 at 8:36 AM.

See you there!

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–  Karen Wofford (AOS Rep)