Sonoma County Orchid Society

A California Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation

Our purpose is to foster the growth and preservation of native and hybrid orchids in Sonoma County and around the world.

The Society is open to hobbyists and professionals, novice to expert, all are welcome. We are here to learn, share and have fun!

Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. Please join us at the Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Ave. Santa Rosa. Doors open at 6:30pm, meeting begins at 7:00pm. Some meetings are virtual only. Be sure to check information below.


monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 14th

Carol Klonowski will talk about Tolumnia, a genus previously known as the ‘equitant oncidiums’.

DATE – Tuesday, November 14th
VENUE – Santa Rosa Veterans Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa

Carol Klonowski will talk about Tolumnia, a genus previously known as the ‘equitant oncidiums’. The species, split off from Oncidium in 1986, has charming, multi-colored flowers clustered at the top of slender stems on plants that are compact. Latest hybrids have taken advantage of the many colors and patterns in these diminutive Dancing Ladies. With proper culture, these orchids can be a part of any orchid collection.

Carol Klonowski has been growing orchids since the 1980’s when a friend in Berkeley, California, gave her a cattleya orchid, and it bloomed out with three big,  dark lavender flowers and an intoxicating fragrance. She built an entire greenhouse in her backyard to accommodate the precious plant, which only led her to buy more orchids. Then another friend gave her a gift membership to the Orchid Society of California, and it’s been a serious hobby ever since. Carol has served as Director, Vice President, and President of the Orchid Society of California for most of the past two decades, and is currently a Fully Accredited Judge with the American Orchid Society in the California Sierra Nevada Judging Center.   

Join us for dinner at 5pm with Carol Klonowski at Sea Thai Bistro, located in Montgomery Village, 350 Midway Dr, Santa Rosa at 5pm. RSVP to Susan Anderson @

Feel free to bring snacks to share with attendees. Everyone who brings a snack gets a free ticket for the opportunity table plant drawing.

Virtual monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 8th

Jean Allen-lkeson speaking on Oncidium fuscatum and its hybrid

Come and hear a Zoom talk on cymbidiums by Jean Allen-Ikeson speaking on Oncidium fuscatum and its hybrids.

Jean Allen-Ikeson speaking on Oncidium fuscatum and its hybrids How did an ugly species with such a weird name go on to become the ancestor of so many spectacular Oncidiinae hybrids, especially reds? This cinderella story leads you into such popular hybrids as Wild Cat and Catatante.

Osp.Brazilian Sun courtesy McCully Orchid Culture

Jean Allen-Ikeson grows orchids in a greenhouse and under lights outside of Dundas, Ontario, Canada. Besides being the author of numerous articles on orchids, she is an Accredited AOS judge, National AOS Education Coordinator for Judging, and Chair of the Editorial Board of the AOS.

Zoom Instructions: If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, open your browser and go to and click download under “Zoom Client for Meetings.” If you are using a cell phone or tablet,you will need to download the application from your app store.The app we want is called “Zoom Cloud Meetings.”It is a sky blue square with a white video camera inside.  Note,if you don’t want to be seen during the meeting,when you sign on click “join without video”. 

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