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Orchid Conservatory Alliance “Orchids in the Wild” Trips for 2017

For the first time, OCA will be hosting four trips to three very different parts of the world. In Greece and Crete, see the terrestrial Mediterranean orchids in one of the most historic parts of the world, where European civilization began. In Brazil, visit a flooded forest, seeing orchids from a long canoe gliding between the trees in the company of instructors in either botanical art or botanical photography. In Ecuador, the tour will cover the entire length of the country which has the largest orchid biodiversity of anywhere in the world. Join them on these explorations of the incredible diversity of nature.

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Read the newsletter detailing their 2015 experience on the Rio Negro trip similar to those offered in June. Visit

June 6 – 15, 2017; 10 Day Trip to Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon “Botanical Art & Illustration”
June 17 – 26, 2017; 10 Day Trip to Rio Negro in the Brazilian Amazon “Botanical Photography”
2017-oca-trips-cattleya-violaceaFor these two trips we will cruise the Rio Negro’s Anavilhanas Archipelago, just upstream of Manaus, Brazil. Because we are there at flood stage, our trips into the flooded forest carry us through the forest canopy where the Orchids are. Our home on the river will be the Otter, a 10 stateroom cruise boat. All of the Otter’s staterooms are air conditioned with in suite baths. Our Captain is Gilberto Castro who piloted Margaret Mee to paint the Moonflower cactus. Each trip will have its own professional instructor, in art or photography, respectively.

November 13 – 28, 2017; 16 Day Trip to Ecuador after the World Orchid Conference
2017-oca-trips-phrag-bessaeEcuador is incredibly rich in Orchids, Birds, Tropical Plants, and almost every other face of Mother Nature. Our trip will begin in southwestern Ecuador, in Guayaquil, just after the World Orchid Conference, and swing through many regions to end up in Quito after passing through Tulcan, very near to the northern border with Colombia. Our guide will be Gilberto Merino, whose experience and knowledge of Ecuadoran orchids is unparalleled. Along the way we will also visit native markets, orchid reserves and orchid nurseries, making a stop at the equator, where we can stand in the northern and southern hemispheres at the same time.

22nd Annual World Orchid Conference – Guayaquil, Ecuador 2017

November 18 – 12, 2017

Time to plan your Ecuador trip to the WOC featuring one of largest exhibitions held in the world, plus 4 days of speakers, tours, and social events. For more information, Visit:

Botanical Study Tours led by Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology

The mountains of North Sichuan are our destination. We travel mainly within Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and see some of the most spectacular nature reserves in the northern hemisphere. They are abundant with majestic mountain ranges, harboring a unique wildlife, such as the elusive Giant Panda (will not be seen in the wild), have spectacular limestone travertine formations, and they are the home of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups with their colorful culture. But the highlight of the tour will be the experience of the richest temperate flora in Asia!

June 17 to June 30, 2017 – 14 Days – View 2017 Sichuan Summer Tour PDF for Details

September 11 to 23, 2017 – 13 Days – View 2017 Sichuan Autumn Tour PDF for Details