Marie Waskow Award

“Who is Marie Waskow?” Just a name to most of the recent society members, but to the long time members, and there are quite a few around, the name is synonymous with dedication, kindness, thoughtfulness, hard work above and beyond the call, and an unfailing belief and dedication to the Society as it struggled through its formative years and emerged into the organization it is now and of which we can all be proud.

Where would we be if it weren’t for Marie? It would take pages to extol all her virtues and list all the good works she has done. Countless volunteering for numerous committees, holding officer positions, supporting all endeavors, knowing what had to be done and doing it without having to be asked, and above all, a friend who never said “no” to a plea for help.

Under former President Judy Carney, we finally woke up and took notice of this quiet, unassuming lady who, on her own, thought it would be nice to welcome new members by giving them a plant from her own greenhouse. This award was established in her honor as a reminder of all she has done for the Society.

Concurrently with the establishment of this award in 1988, Marie was granted emeritus standing. Well into her golden years, her frequency of attendance at our meetings diminished but her passion for orchids remained strong until her death.

Each year members of our Society vote to honor a member who has given outstanding service to the Sonoma County Orchid Society. Cast your vote for an individual or couple who exemplify the ideals of generosity and service to the organization in spreading the joy of growing orchids as practiced by Marie Waskow, a founding member of our Society.

Past Winners of the Marie Waskow Award

1988 Harold Levenson 2002 Bob & Juanita Breckwoldt
1989 Yosh & Shiz Sugioka 2003 Paul Matsushita
1990 Austin & Judy Carney 2004 Patty Connick
1991 Jim Hamilton 2005 Susan Anderson
1992 Lowman Whittenburg 2006 Garry Baker
1993 Robert & Claudia Pike 2007 Linda Eggleston
1994 Kevin Smith 2008 Jim & Kris Foster
1995 Earl Rathbun 2009 Ted Pruden
1996 Marilyn Bucher 2010 Jerry & Gerry Smith
1997 Marilyn Daily 2011 Larry Mead
1998 Mitch & Gail McAlpin 2012 Kathie Hile
1999 Sam & Juanita Spencer 2013 Lynne Murrell
2000 Jim Kennedy 2014 Becky Jackson
2001 Jim Butts 2015 Ann Possinger
2016 Jeanne VanBlarcom 2017