Sonoma County Orchid Society

Our purpose is to foster the growth and preservation of native and hybrid orchids in Sonoma County and around the world.

The Society is open to hobbyists and professionals, novice to expert, all are welcome. We are here to learn, share and have fun!

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa.

Doors open at 6:30pm with plant sales and skill sessions (if any) starting at 6:45. The meeting ends between 9:00 and 9:30pm.

Members may attend all meetings and guests are always welcome.

August 9th General Meeting

Long before the amazing adventures of Indiana Jones there were the real life sagas of the orchid hunters. Fueled by the Victorian Orchid craze these highly competitive and frequently ruthless men risked all in pursuit of new and rare species. Plant hunters were dispatched into uncharted parts of the world by kings, rich collectors, and merchant traders who stood to gain significant wealth and stature in the process.

The ‘Orchid King’,  Frederick Sander was one of the largest collectors and traders of orchids in the late 1800’s. At his peak, he alone employed over 23 (frequently grumbling) orchid hunters across the world. During a 1906 interview, Sander tossed out the names of numerous hunters who “met more or less tragic deaths through wild beasts, savages, fever, drowning, fall or other accidents.”


Join us Tuesday, August 9th for Dean Hung’s much anticipated presentation: The Orchid Hunters. You will hear the fascinating stories about the intrepid men who braved incredible hardships, deprivations, and dangers in their obsessive quest for orchids.

About Dean

Dean Hung has been addicted to orchids for 10 years, starting off first as a collector of all kinds of genera, and then eventually focusing on slipper orchids.  In order to feed his addiction, he set up Paphiness Orchids to sell off plants to get money to buy the more rare and expensive stuff.  Along the way, he has met many interesting, colorful, and knowledgeable people who shared his passion for slipper orchids. Recently, through an amazing turn of events, he is now the largest dealer of Cymbidiums in Northern California.

Dean and Paphiness Orchids will supply our opportunity table and will also offer plants for sale.

Speakers Dinner

Join Dean and other members of SCOS before the General Meeting on Tuesday, August 9th for dinner at Sea Thai Bistro. Dinner starts at 5pm. Please RSVP before 12pm the day of the dinner so that we can reserve a seat for you.

Sea Thai Bistro, Montgomery Village Shopping, 2350 Midway Dr, Santa Rosa

Upcoming Meetings and Events you don’t want to miss:

September 10th: BBQ and Auction in Petaluma. No general meeting.

October 11th: Carol Klonowski on: “Dendrobiums for Maximum Flowering”.

November 8th: Dan Newman from Hanging Gardens on: “Restrepias – The easy Pleurothallids”.

December 13th: SCOS Annual Christmas Dinner, Foxtail Country Club, Rohnert Park

January 10, 2017: Fred Clarke on Australian Dendrobiums





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