Sonoma County Orchid Society

Our purpose is to foster the growth and preservation of native and hybrid orchids in Sonoma County and around the world.

The Society is open to hobbyists and professionals, novice to expert, all are welcome. We are here to learn, share and have fun!

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa.

Doors open at 6:30pm with plant sales and skill sessions (if any) starting at 6:45. The meeting ends between 9:00 and 9:30pm.

Members may attend all meetings and guests are always welcome.

Upcoming Meetings & Events:

July 11th General Meeting:

Neofinetia falcata
Neofinetia falcata will thrive in cooler temperatures and produce graceful vanilla-scented flowers

The Japanese Appreciation of Fukiran

Join us for Canadian orchid specialist, Terry Kowalczuk’s presentation on Fukiran.  Furan, the Japanese word for Neofinetia falcata started to be called Fuki-ran, the rich and noble orchid, because they were highly prized by the rich and noble. This orchid has a tradition unlike any other that originated  about 400 years ago during Japan’s Edo era.

Neofinetia falcata var kisuzume

From the Vanda family, the miniature Neofinetia has over 2300 varieties of the single species!  Terry will uncover the history of these plants as well as their centuries old mystique in Japan. He will show why this is a window-sill plant that today can be appreciated by anyone and he will explore the various fascinating varieties of shapes, colours and mutations available for any budget. Unlike most orchids, each Neofinetia is like an individual, each plant having it’s own charm and character.

Terry will also explore many of the myths surrounding the culture of this noble orchid. Neofinetias are today available for anyone! Neofinetia falcata is a beautiful miniature window-sill plant that is easy to grow…and…extremely fragrant! Whether it is tiny and hard as a succulent or has larger fan-like leaves, Terry will sift through the differences, to help you understand this beautiful gem!


Neofinetia falcata Benisuzume

Terry Kowalczuk

About Terry:

Terry Kowalczuk is a Toronto based orchid grower, landscaper and former orchestral conductor, who is dedicated to the promotion of Neofinetia falcata and Japanese orchids in Canada and around the world. Terry is the proprietor of Flora Peculia which boasts the  largest retail collection of Neofinetia falcata – Fukiran – varieties in Canada. Terry grows and collects Neofinetia falcata varieties in a manner that will continue the rich cultural traditions of Neofinetia growing in Japan. All plants of his plants are presented in a Japanese traditional aesthetic. His interests lie in researching Fukiran as well as traditional gardening in Japan.

July Skill Session:

Starting at 6:45 Terry  will provide a short demo on how to repot Neofinetia falcata in the traditional Japanese style using sphagnum moss.
If you would like additional information on repotting techniques this YouTube video featuring Jason Fisher of Orchids LTD.  is excellent: OrchidWeb – How to repot Neofinetia falcata

Opportunity Table:

We were able to source a special table for you this month. It will be supplied by Seed Engei.

This is your wonderful July plant table. Don’t miss it!


Dinner with the Speaker:

Join us for dinner with Terry at Best of Burma 2, 5287th St. in Downtown Santa Rosa. Parking available at the 7th street garage across from the restaurant or along Mendocino Ave. Please RSVP by 5PM Monday July 10th.


Upcoming Presentations you don’t want to miss:

August 8th: SCOS 60th Birthday & Bingo Bonanza – Cake, Ice Cream & Play Bingo for Orchids!

October 10th: Cindy Hill